Thursday, 26 July 2012

What is Shared Web Hosting? Its Benefits and Drawbacks

Whether you have chosen Basic web hosting or the Unlimited Hosting plan, the type of web hosting service you have is called Shared Hosting. Shared web hosting, is also called shared services or Virtual hosting, is simply when more or multiple web sites share the same server, thus having less cost for hosting service. Hosting providers divide a server into multiple sections and then essentially divide each section to a different client.

Shared IP address: Hosting multiple websites using one particular Ip address, Instead of having a unique IP address for every domain, they will all as share one IP address. This makes it easier for them to manage and maintain the servers and allows them to charge very less fees for monthly hosting website  compared to dedicated hosting.

Shared web hosting is usually a better option for individual personal websites and midsized companies. It gives your website a strong connection to the Internet at a relatively low price, and you can also take advantage of the technical support of your web hosting company. Quite often, businesses and experienced programmers need to run their own programs. In such cases, they have the option of renting a server for Dedicated Server for themselves. However, this type of service generally costs high amount of money that is over US$100 per month.

As there are several advantages of shared web hosting, it even has its own drawbacks. One of the most important disadvantages of shared hosting is the fact that it usually has a reduced level of security. Since you are sharing the server with several people or users, the risk of security concerns is much greater for the big web hosting companies . Because, if any one of the users makes an error in scripting, all users on the shared server are affected.

You can always reach a website which has a unique IP address by using its IP address alone, but you can't reach a website using a shared IP address by typing in the IP address in a browser alone because when you type in a shared IP address you arrive at the server but the server doesn't know which site you want because you haven't told it which domain name you want.

Aside from this, shared hosting creates a problem of limited resources. Again since you are sharing the server with other users, it is likely that you would receive restrictive service. If you're site has a lot of traffic, you may eventually realize that the resources you share with the other users may be harmful on your part.

With shared web hosting, you do not have permission to install programs. Since the server is maintained by another individual or company, you do not have the authority to download or run any program of your own.

Finally, in brief the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared web Hosting are:

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting:

1. Cheap Cost or Reasonable Price
2. No Maintenance Cost
3. Fast Setup
4. Good for Tiny Sites

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting:

1.Security issues
2.Restricted Resources
3.Not genuine For Large Data Base E-Commerce Sites
4.Dynamic IP

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